Guarantee of Precision Nozzle Performance

Why is a nozzle performance guarantee so important?

Although the spray distribution depends on many factors, such as spray height, nozzle spacing, and the nature of the liquid, it is impossible to get the desired spray distribution if the individual nozzles have variations in the product quality and performance.
Without a guarantee of uniform spray performance, especially in a multi-nozzle set-up, the results can be unreliable and possibly costly. With IKEUCHI’s performance guarantee you can be sure that all the spray nozzles perform according to specifications and no matter which nozzle must be replaced, the spray performance will remain the same.


  • The spray performance charts in the catalog are a reliable reference to design your set-up.
  • The spray nozzles perform to produce a high-quality product.
  • Nozzles in multi-nozzle arrangements are interchangeable and exchangeable, without affecting the spray distribution.
    IKEUCHI's hydraulic nozzle guarantee for spray angles and spray capacity provides the confidence of peak performance for each nozzle.

Guarantee of Spray Capacity & Spray Angle

All IKEUCHI's precision-made hydraulic spray nozzles are guaranteed for spray angles and spray capacities.
This guarantee covers metal, plastic, and ceramic nozzles.

Each pneumatic spray nozzle series also has inspection standard for spray capacity at each standard pressure. Only the nozzles that pass the inspection will be shipped.

The explanation below is for our hydraulic spray nozzles.

Spray nozzles shown in this catalog are guaranteed to within +/-5% of the rated spray capacity under the standard pressure.
Flat spray and cone spray nozzles shown in this catalog are guaranteed to within +/-5° of the rated spray angle under the standard pressure. Spray angle is the angle of spray measured near the nozzle unless otherwise specified.
Solid stream jet nozzles shown in this catalog are guaranteed for the axis of spray direction within 3° from the nozzle body centerline under the standard pressure.

1) This guarantee does not cover air nozzles. Air consumption (blowing air volume) shown in this catalog is for reference only.
2) Ejector nozzles are guaranteed only for spray capacity at the standard pressure.