Brush-Cleaning Nozzle Header BRASIKan®

Spray capacity 4–20 L/min (*1) Mean droplet diameter - Power consumption -
Water pressure 0.3 MPa Air pressure - Air consumption -


• Self-cleaning nozzle header.
• Inner brushes for nozzle cleaning are built-in.
• By rotating inner brushes, nozzle orifices are cleaned thoroughly, and foreign objects inside the pipe are flushed out through the drain.
• Available in the manual brush-cleaning type (the inner brushes are rotated by turning handwheel) and air-driven automatic type (which allows remote control of spray and cleaning modes).

*1) Spray capacity per one nozzle (not per header).


In Continuous Galvanizing Line (CGL), Electrolytic Galvanizing Line (EGL), Continuous Pickling Line (CPL), and Continuous Annealing Line (CAL)
• Brush roll cleaning: Eliminates resin roll galling, reducing re-winding and accompanying costs. Reduces product quality defects.
• More reliable, consistent operations: Standard and hot water rinsing, water quenching, neutralization, rinsing (during pretreatment, following plating and during acid cleaning). Product quality improvements (reduced scale entanglement damage, more consistent cooling, and prevention of plate contamination).

Industries in which this product is used