Dust suppression system using fog

Spray capacity - Mean droplet diameter - Power consumption -
Water pressure - Air pressure - Air consumption -


• An extensive lineup of spray nozzles and control devices to design a best suited system for each individual worksite.
• Capable of dust control in a large space.
• Highly effective in suppressing airborne dust and preventing dust from arising, having an actual example of dust concentration reduced by 90%*.
• Excellent energy-saving and water-saving effects.
• We design a dust suppression system best suited for each individual worksite based on our on-site consultation and careful interviews.

* An example of results, not a guarantee value. Dust reduction rate varies depending on the circumstances of worksite.


• Dust suppression in entrance of hopper and conveyor belt
• Work environment improvement to protect workers' health
• Fume suppression at rolling and welding processes
• Broad product lineup to help improve work environment

Industries in which this product is used

• Iron/Steel plants
• Recycling plants
• Cement plants

Product specifications


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