Semi-Dry Fog® Humidifier LYOHMer®-E

Spray capacity 1.5 or 2.4 L/hr (*1) Mean droplet diameter 10–30 μm (*2) Power consumption 100–240VAC (50/60Hz)
Water pressure 6 MPa Air pressure - Air consumption -


• Hydraulic-spray humidifier that produces Semi-Dry Fog® (*2).
• Higher evaporation efficiency compared to the conventional model.
• Lightweight, compact, and easy to handle.
• Spray direction is adjustable as desired.
• Highly weather-, dust- and water-resistant.

*1) Spray capacity:
• LE-1.5: 1.5 L/hr
• LE-2.4: 2.4 L/hr

*2) Semi-Dry Fog®: a fine fog with a uniform, mean droplet diameter of 10–30 μm.


Static charge prevention: Prevents/reduces troubles caused by static charge, such as product damage, (electrostatic damage) and debris/dust adhesion, etc.
Energy saving: System that does not require compressed air results in drastic energy saving.
Cooling effect: The system also yields a cooling of about 2℃, reducing temperatures with evaporative cooling (using the principle of heat loss due to water evaporation of Semi-Dry Fog®).
Health-related benefits: maintaining a relative humidity level of 50% dramatically reduces cold viruses, influenza (flu) viruses and so forth, thus reducing worker absences caused by illness.

Reference (Harper,G.J.: Air borne micro-organisms: survival tests with four viruses. J.Hyg.Camb., 59;479–486,1961)

• Gravure printing: Preventing ink pan and ink roll fires, preventing debris and dust adhesion to films and papers, dust suppression, reducing ink striation from doctor and/or plate cylinder, preventing adhesion of debris caused by ink's electrostatic charge.
• Screen printing: Preventing print defects caused by feathering, misregistration, streaks, blurring, etc.; preventing fading caused by plate dryness; productivity improvements.
• Offset printing: Controlling moisture content of paper; preventing paper break (web break), jams, and misalignment; reducing paper tearing; improving folding precision; preventing color drift; preventing curl.
• Others: Form printing, humidification for cardboard production.

[Plastics production]
• Reducing work efficiency declines caused by static electric shock, preventing fires, preventing scattering of debris and body hair, preventing adhesion of debris, preventing toppling of stacked items caused by static electricity.

[Inks, paints and coatings]
• Preventing debris adhesion in painting/coating process; cissing prevention; preventing fires during paint/coating preparation processes, in areas around reaction tanks and mixers, and during filling processes for substances such as pigments and coatings.

[Other industries]
• Humidification and dust suppression in textile industry, agriculture, livestock, and warehouses, etc.

Industries in which this product is used

• Paper & Pulp
• Printing
• Automotive manufacturing

Product specifications



Outer dimensions

LYOHMer®-E series

■ Dimensions

■ Components and materials

No. Components Materials
AU Nozzle 1.5B S303 and others
Body ASA
Fan guard grill ASA
Stabilizer ASA
Fan (100–240V)
Header SCS13 and others
Socket for a hanger SCS13
Coupler (1NSM) S304
Valve SCS14A
Coupler (2NPM) S304
Waterproof connector

1) The above drawing is for the model number LE-1.5.
2) The waterproof connector is included.
3) Appearance and dimensions may differ depending on models and materials. Contact us for details.


Features of LYOHMer®-E series

Evaporation efficiency has been enhanced by improving
airflow stabilization.
Can be also used for spot humidification.


Humidification ability per unit is 1.5L/hr or 2.4 L/hr.
Integrating multiple units into one system sets up
humidity control systems suitable for spaces ranging
from small to large.


Upward. Spray direction is adjustable as desired from 60°
downward to 90° upward.




Installation with each unit facing totally opposite
directions is also possible.

For humidity control in a larger space.


With a quick coupler for easy maintenance.
Highly weather-, dust-, and water-resistant.



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