Flat Spray Semi-Fine Fog Nozzles DOVEA series nozzles

Thread standard - Pipe conn. size R1/4–R1/2 Standard pressure -
Spray angle 55°–110° (*1) Spray capacity 0.42–40 ℓ/min Supply air type Compressed air
Liquid feeding system Liquid pressure Mean droplet diameter 50–200 μm (*3) Air consumption 30–630 ℓ/min, Normal
Air pressure 0.1–0.4 MPa Free passage diameter 2.0–5.6 mm (*2)


• Flat spray pneumatic nozzle producing a large volume of semi-fine atomization with a mean droplet diameter of 50 μm or more (*3).
• Liquid pressure type under the liquid pressures of 0.07–0.7 MPa.
• Large turn-down ratio with minimal variation in spray angle.
• Uniform distribution suitable for multiple-nozzle arrangements.
• Large free passage diameter minimizes clogging.
• Spray angle of 55゚, 70゚, 95゚, or 110゚.

*1) Measured at compressed air pressure of 0.3 MPa and liquid pressure of 0.7 MPa.
*2) Free passage diameter of nozzle orifice.
*3) Measured by Fraunhofer diffraction method.


Cooling: Gas, steel plates, steel pieces, moldings, etc.

[Steelmaking industry]
Steel making process: Cooling continuous casted steel (bloom and slab)
Rolling mill process: Cooling roll in heat treatment

Industries in which this nozzle is used

• Steelmaking
• Pollution Control

Product specifications

Structure • Comprising four parts: Nozzle body, pipe, mixing adaptor, and liquid nipple.
• Internal mixing type designed to mix compressed air and liquid inside the nozzle (Pre-mix type: compressed air and liquid are already mixed inside the nozzle adaptor).
• Liquid pressure type.
Material • Nozzle body: Stainless steel 303
• Other parts: Stainless steel 304
Spray capacity code Nozzle thread size 1 Pipe connection sizes 2, 3 Outer dimensions (mm) Mass (g)
L1 L2 H φD
Rc1/4 R1/4 R1/2 500 47.5 19 18 550
Rc3/8 R1/4 R1/2 500 47.5 21 19 650
400 Rc1/2 R1/4 R1/2 500 47.5 26 25 850

・ L1 = 200–1500 mm

・ The mass shown is when L1 is 500 mm of straight pipe. For the mass of DOVEA with a longer/shorter pipe, add or subtract the corresponding mass (shown below) for each 100 mm of L1 length, according to Nozzle Thread Size 1. (When the Nozzle Thread Size 1 is 1/4F, mass per 100 mm is 63 g, when 3/8F it's 85 g., when 1/2F it's 130 g)

Outer dimensions

No. Components
Nozzle body
Mixing adaptor
Liquid nipple


[Special Pipe]

- Bent Pipe -

Note: For details of bent pipes or other special pipes, please contact our sales office.

• Appearance and dimensions may differ depending on nozzle codes and materials. Please contact us for details.

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[DOVEA-W series nozzles]

• Flat spray pneumatic nozzle with a larger spray thickness compared to DOVEA series.

• Features uniform distribution of flow-rate and spray droplets across the entire spray area, large turn-down ratio with minimal variation in spray angle.

• DOVEA-W series nozzles have a high cooling effect for cooling metal sheets.


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