[All parts made of metal] Solid stream jet with ON/OFF control SO-CC series nozzles

Pipe conn. size - Spray angle - Mean droplet diameter 180–820 μm
Strainer Not included Standard pressure 0.3 MPa Spray capacity 0.07–0.73 ℓ/min
Air consumption - Free passage diameter -


• The nozzle with all parts made of metal is easy for detection when it it goes into a production line.
• Solid stream nozzles with high spray impact.
• Prevents dripping after spraying stops.
• Spray ON/OFF can be regulated by pilot air ON/OFF.
• Quick response ON/OFF spray.


• Trimming: Paper making, asbestos plate
• Cutting: Timber, food
• Others: Cleaning of precision machine parts, injection of chemicals, deburring

Industries in which this nozzle is used

• Machinery
• Paper & Pulp
• Food

Product specifications

Structure • Spray ON/OFF can be regulated by switching the pilot air ON/OFF. The pilot air activates an internal piston to regulate the spray.
Material • Metal parts: Stainless steel 303

• Stainless steel 303

Outer dimensions

SO-CC series

No. Components
Nozzle tip
Packing (PTFE)
Spring cap
O-ring (FKM)
Lock nut
Sleeve (PTFE)
Y-packing (NBR)
Spring (S304)
Spring cap

• Appearance and dimensions may differ depending on materials and nozzle codes. Inquire with us for details.

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