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about ikeuchi

IKEUCHI is an Expert in Spray Technology

IKEUCHI’s precision atomization spray nozzles, custom designs, nozzle-related systems, and Dry Fog humidification systems and cooling system, fulfilling every manufacturing need. Implementing high quality atomization with IKEUCHI’s products for a manufacturing process that will support optimization;

Reduction of Production cost

Providing direct cost-savings

Increase of Productivity

An indirect cost-savings

Supporting Product Quality Assurance

Increasing market competitive strength and sales

Reduction of the Risks of Environmental Issues

product ikeuchi

Spray nozzle

We support industrial spray nozzle and atomization requirements with 20,000 point innovative products, adding value to customer spray engineering support. We supply precision spray nozzles for washing, humidification, dust suppression, cooling and spraying.

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Humidification System

With the non-wetting fog, "Dry Fog", IKEUCHI commercialized the world's first humidification system with the humidity guaranteed. Effects of humidity conditioning by Dry Fog humidification are verified in various industries including the printing, food processing, textile.

product ikeuchi

Air Cooling System

Fog cooling system "Lyohm system" make comfortable environment in outdoor and large space by semi dry fog spray. Semi dry fog temperatures with evaporative cooling by 3-5 ℃ by less water fog and low power consumption.