COOLSAVE-D Fog Cooling Unit for air conditioner outdoor units

Spray capacity 25.8 ℓ/hr (*1) Mean droplet diameter - Power consumption -
Water pressure 0.25 MPa Air pressure - Air consumption -


• The COOLSAVE-D utilizes fine fog evaporative cooling to cool air conditioner outdoor units.
• This product reduces electricity usage by up to 10% and helps cut costs during summer peak-usage periods.
• Offers outstanding water-saving performance.
• Offers automated operation via setting of temperature, time, etc.

*1) This spray capacity is of COOLSAVE-D-10 (model suitable for 10HP air conditioner units).
Spray capacity varies by the model and spray pressure.
COOLSAVE-D-20 (model for 20HP air conditioner units): 51.6 L/hr


• Cooling of outdoor units used for cooling and refrigeration equipment

Industries in which this product is used

Environment, Energy

Product specifications

Outer dimensions

Unit components
1 Main header (3 nozzles, control unit, solenoid valve unit)
2 Sub-header(s) (3 nozzles per header)
3 Control unit
4 Solenoid valve unit (solenoid valve, strainer)

The above drawing is one example (of COOLSAVE-D-10). Contact us for details.


Unit specifications

Model No. The number of main header The number of sub-header(s) Total spray capacity at 0.25 MPa Outdoor unit (horsepower)
COOLSAVE-D-10 1 1 25.8 L/hr 10HP
COOLSAVE-D-20 1 3 51.6 L/hr 20HP

For units over 20 horsepower, multiple units can be used.

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