Air-Fin Cooler Assist Cooling System

Product outline

This water dispersion cooling system entails spraying of water over an air-fin cooler to produce an evaporative cooling effect as the water vaporizes. By spraying water uniformly over an air-fin cooler's heated surface, it is possible to cool while reducing water usage amounts by 40–80% compared with standard sprinkler-type dispersion systems.
By reducing the amount of wastewater drainage, this design prevents wet flooring/platform surfaces. It is possible to install this system while equipment is still operating, making for a cooling system that is adaptable to each customer's unique operating environment.


• Air-fin cooler water dispersion system.
• Uses 40–80% less water than traditional sprinkler-type dispersion systems.
• Reduced wastewater drainage amounts prevent wet flooring/platform surfaces for improved work environment safety and efficiency.
• This system can be installed while equipment is still operating.
• Possible to install below or above fins.


• Air fin cooler (radiator) assist cooling

Industries in which this product is used

• Steelmaking
• Pollution control
• Energy

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