Kiln Cooling System

Product outline

This rotary kiln shell cooling system uses fine fog (*1), making it possible to keep the steel shell of the rotary kiln (inner heat type rotary kiln) within the desired temperature range in order to extend repair cycle periods (and service life) for refractory materials inside the kiln.
No water is left unvaporized, preventing contamination of the surrounding operating environment. We are able to provide (at additional cost) visual representations of cooling effects via simulations.


• Rotary kiln shell cooling system that produces fine fog. (*1)
• Prolongs the lifespans of kiln shells and firebricks through cooling.
• Eliminates problems such as over-cooling and insufficient cooling, which tend to occur with other cooling methods (such as water cooling, stationary duct fan cooling and localized fan cooling).
• Minimize the drainage.
• Support customers in site investigation, layout design, installation work and maintenance services.

*1) We define “fine fog” as a fog with a mean droplet diameter (droplet size) of 10–100 μm.


• Prolonging lifespans of kiln shells and firebricks.
• Ensuring long-term, continuously stable kiln operations.
• Greater coating consistency.
• Temperature control for kiln outer shells.

Industries in which this product is used

Pollution control

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