Trimming nozzle (solid stream jet) CM series nozzles

Pipe conn. size R1/8 or R1/4 Spray angle - Mean droplet diameter -
Strainer Included or available Standard pressure 1 MPa Spray capacity 0.016–3.03 ℓ/min
Air consumption - Free passage diameter 0.1–1.5 mm


• Extra fine and clear non-turbulent solid stream nozzles with high impact cutting force.


• Trimming: Paper making, asbestos plate
• Cutting: Timber, food
• Others: Cleaning of precision machine parts, injection of chemicals, deburring, foaming of beer (jet foamer)

Industries in which this nozzle is used

• Paper & Pulp
• Printing
• Food

Product specifications

Structure • Includes a ceramic orifice in the tip of the nozzle.
• Comprises two parts: Nozzle and adaptor-strainer.
• Worn-out nozzles can be replaced separately.
Material • Nozzle orifice: ceramic
• Metal parts: Stainless steel 303
Nozzle thread size Mass(g)
Stainless steel 303
R1/8 39
R1/4 47

Adaptor thread size (pipe connection size) is R3/8.


Outer dimensions

CM series

No.    Components
A-① Nozzle Ceramic orifice
A-② Araldite®
A-③ Nozzle body
B-④ Strainer Strainer
B-⑤ Adaptor
Nozzle thread size Dimensions (mm)
L2 L3 H1 H2 φD N2
R1/8 54 92 10 17 10 11
R1/4 52 90 14 17 10 11

• Adaptor and strainer are NOT detachable.
• Appearance and dimensions may differ slightly depending on materials and nozzle codes. Inquire with us for details.

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