Descaling nozzles (Ultra-high pressure) TDSS series nozzle

Pipe conn. size Welding Spray angle 20–65゚ Mean droplet diameter -
Strainer Included or available Standard pressure 15 MPa Spray capacity 15.0–138 ℓ/min
Air consumption - Free passage diameter 0.7–1.5 mm


• Flat spray nozzles specially designed for descaling.
• Produces razor-like thin, sharp stream with even spray distribution and high spray impact.
• TDSS series, with much higher spray impact, increases erosion depth by 20% compared to the conventional model.
• Water-saving.


• Descaling: rolling process in steelmaking

Industries in which this nozzle is used

• Steelmaking

Product specifications

Structure • TDSS series is designed to have no sharp protrusions inside its orifice, which minimizes energy-losses.
Material • Nozzle tip: Tungsten carbide
• Nozzle tip Body: Stainless steel 303 or 304
• Others


Outer dimensions

Stabilizing strainer type Outer dimensions(mm)
L1 L2 a φd
Standard strainer (type B) 126 52 25 30
Long strainer (type E) 173 52 25 30
Strainer with check valve (type LCV) 178 52 25 30

• Appearance and dimensions may differ depending on materials and nozzle codes. Inquire with us for details.

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